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Selling a Selection of Dark Roast Coffees at Our Shop in Woking

Do you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur? If so, be sure to visit our shop in Woking, Surrey as we sell a selection of the finest quality coffees. Using our modern expresso machine alongside normal brewing methods, we produce the perfect cup of coffee to satisfy your taste buds. From offering dark roast coffee for those who like strong tastes to lighter roasts, we provide a range of options.



We provide three different types of coffee, including dark roast options for coffee lovers who are all about the strong flavours.

A Tanzanian Roast

Founded just two years ago, this company has a high ratio of Fairtrade, and we are proud to be one of the first businesses to use their coffee. Shipped directly from Scotland to our shop, we serve their finest medium everyday roast coffee. We also have a lighter roast; this is a lot lighter and is perfect for those who love coffee but not the strong flavours. We are passionate about giving our customers lots of choice, which is why we provide a variety of different coffee strengths, so you can choose an option to suit your taste. Plus, we do not charge you more depending on what coffee option you choose.


State-of-the-Art Coffee Machine

Here at Black & White Coffee Co, we are proud to use our handmade British espresso machine. Moreover, the manufacturer of the machine also makes all the components, making it one of the best machines available on the market.

Creating the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Our dedicated baristas also use normal brewing methods to ensure the high quality of the coffee shines through every cup. As standard, we give you two expresso shots, so please inform our baristas if you would prefer your coffee weaker. We heat the milk to 60 degrees if its dairy and 55 degrees for non-dairy milk. When you go past these heats, you burn the sugars in the milk, which removes the sweet taste. This holds the acidity and the flavour and removes the bitter aftertaste.

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